We help organisations thrive by focusing on their people, supporting our economies and societies. We’re the professional body for human resources (HR), learning and development (L&D), organisation development (OD) and all people professionals – experts in people, work and change.

With more than 160,000 members globally – and a growing community using our research, insights and learning – we give trusted advice and offer independent thought leadership. And we are a leading voice in the call for good work that creates value for everyone.

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For more than 100 years, we’ve been championing better work and working lives.

Today, we support 160,000 professional members all over the world, and together we are #MakingWorkWork.

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"People are at the centre of it all. If we want the best performance from our organisations, we have to look after our people."

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive

Our purpose and impact

Better work and working lives for all

Our work

The partner, standard and voice for the people profession

Supporting the people profession

Explore our membership promises and discover how we're committed to championing your career growth and professional impact. 

CIPD products and services

Find out more about our products and services, including our types of membership, events and courses.

Our people

A diverse, global team with a common, positive purpose

Where we work

Our global community of people professionals is growing in size, strength and reach

Working with us

Our success relies on the expertise and commitment of a wide range of staff, volunteers and associates

Influencing public policy

How we influence government policy and legislation to bring about better work and working lives

Our history

Find out more about our 100-year history and how we became known as the CIPD

Throughout 2024, we will be launching new products, services and initiatives that align with your needs. We promise to you, and to the profession, that: 


  1. We’ll always be a career partner that supports you at every stage of your career 
  2. We’ll provide clear and timely guidance on the issues of the day   
  3. We’ll make sure we spotlight the work of individuals and the wider profession, making sure your value is recognised.  
  4. We’ll continue to innovate, listen and learn from people professionals.   

CIPD Trust

Harnessing the expertise and talents of our community to tackle the barriers to better work.

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Championing better work and working lives around the world

We want to see good work within inclusive and responsible businesses, making our economies and societies stronger. In our changed and changing world of work, the need to deliver on this has never been more urgent.

We lead and support the people profession, setting the standards, building capabilities, and connecting our international community of HR, L&D, OD and all people professionals. Through our Royal Charter, only we can award internationally recognised chartered status. We offer qualifications and learning programmes that develop our general and specialist practitioners.

With more than 160,000 members globally – and a growing community using our research, insights, and learning – we provide a strong voice for our profession. We work with governments and organisations to campaign for better work. We help people managers support their diverse teams to get the best out of their people, meeting the demands of changing workplaces and working practices.

Our charitable status means we provide an inclusive community and independent voice across the world. We lead debate, challenge when it matters and use our influence for the better. We see a future where work helps people to find their talents, develop them, and protect their wellbeing, so they can give their best. We want to improve work for all, strengthening the people profession and recognising their vital part in achieving this purpose.

Celebrating excellence

The CIPD won two awards at the Memcom Excellence Awards 2023. The awards celebrate the dedication and work of teams across the CIPD to champion better work and working lives.

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More about us

Our Royal Charter

We are the only professional body that can award chartered status to all people professionals

Our leadership and governance

How our structure, governance and leadership keep our charitable and business activities responsible, accountable, sustainable and transparent

Our annual report

Growing our reach, growing our impact


Read all the latest updates about our work to lead and support the people profession to champion better work and working lives

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If you’re a journalist or member of the press looking for more information or to speak to one of our experts, please contact our press team. 

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