Why become a People Development Partner?

More and more is being asked of people professionals – whether it’s an overnight shift to remote working, embedding the principles and practices of EDI throughout an organisation or making sure that the human isn’t lost in the technological advancement of AI - there’s no other function that’s expected to have the answers to such a wide range of strategically critical questions.

That’s why the recognition that People Development Partner confers is so important.

It’s a recognition that your organisation supports and values its people community. That it’s willing to invest in accreditation, in HR capability frameworks and in learning and development, all aligned to the global standard for the People Profession. And that your organisation is committed to setting people up for sustainable success.

What is People Development Partner?

People Development Partner is a status you work towards. It’s conferred at the point that your organisation can demonstrate meeting certain criteria. These criteria prove your holistic approach to embedding and sustaining world-class people practices across your people community.

How long it takes and what’s involved depends on your organisation, where you’re at and what you’re aiming to be.

The work we do with you is completely tailored to help you:

  1. Benchmark teams and their capability against internationally recognised standards.
  2. Professionalise people teams to drive performance and engagement.
  3. Embed continuing professional development to meet future challenges.
  4. Give back to the profession and wider community.

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People Development Partners

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Case study

Tesco employs more than 400,000 people nationwide and has a people team of 800. The company has worked closely with the CIPD for a number of years, helping to develop its HR capabilities through various different ways.

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Case study
Home Office

The Home Office (HO) HR function includes 620 dedicated people, many with a HR professional anchor, working alongside colleagues from health and safety, learning and development, programme management and many more.

Case study
Natwest Group

NatWest Group are the first Financial Services organisation to become a CIPD People Development Partner (PDP). Learn how our partnership has worked as a collaborative and invaluable force for change within their HR Teams.

Case study
Neath Port Talbot County Council

The council have exhibited exceptional commitment to the development and empowerment of their workforce. Here’s more on how our PDP Partnership has worked with them to endorse their fantastic work.