You asked, we listened. We understand that championing better work and working lives is a big responsibility. And you need a strong career partner to support and champion you. Employers expect a lot of you, and you should expect a lot from your professional body. Together, we’ll make work work for everyone, and ensure your CIPD membership works for you.  

People Pod

CIPD’s new fortnightly podcast – topical stories, expert insights.

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Expect us to be there when you need us most​

  • Bolder and more timely commentary and advice on the issues you face and value you add in the world of work. 
  • Spotlighting you and your work, to champion and showcase the role of our profession in making work, work. 
  • Fortnightly podcasts discussing current issues and how people professionals like you are tackling them.
  • New advisory groups to help steer our voice and our future – your opportunity to shape our work and become an advocate for better work and working lives.

Expect more expert advice and practical tools  

  • More visible and dedicated support from our experts, across all our communities.
  • Better connections across all our networks and communities - helping you find the support you need, when you need it.
  • Clearer, more personalised communications - to help you get the most out of your professional membership.

Expect a true career partner to help you develop and shine​

  • More mentoring opportunities to connect you with peers for guidance and support.
  • Greater support for your continuing professional development (CPD) to help you build the credibility you need to succeed in your career. 
  • New features on the Community App.

Coming soon..

We have lots of exciting resources and tools coming soon for our members. Check out our timeline below for more details.