Whether you’re a people professional, manager, employer or policy maker, we're here to help you make work better for everyone.

We want to see good work within inclusive and responsible businesses, making our economies and societies stronger. We’re working towards it by growing a strong community of people professionals, making the case for better work, and taking the lead in becoming a responsible, sustainable, future-fit organisation.

Growing a strong community of people professionals

We lead and support the people profession, setting the standards, building capabilities, and connecting our international community of HR, L&D, OD and all people professionals. Through our Royal Charter, only we can award internationally recognised Chartered status. We offer qualifications and learning programmes that develop general and specialist practitioners.

Our learning content and networking events use new digital learning platforms and capabilities to engage people professionals around the world. Our new Learning Hub and CIPD Shop make it easier than ever to learn, anytime and anywhere. And we harness the knowledge, skills and insights of our global community to share good practice on complex issues.

We regularly review and update our Profession Map as new roles, specialisms, priorities and opportunities emerge. We’re aligning our learning, qualifications and career pathways with this international standard. And we partner with people leaders and employers to raise the capability, credibility and impact of their people teams.

Our promise
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Discover how we're committed to championing your career growth and professional impact, from timely guidance to spotlighting your achievements. 

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Making the case for better work

With more than 160,000 members globally, and a growing community using our research, insights, and learning content, we provide a strong voice for the profession.

We work with governments and organisations to campaign for change. We help people managers support their diverse teams to get the best out of their people, meeting the demands of changing workplaces and working practices. We engage with employers and experts, building relationships that help us fulfil our purpose of championing good work for all.

Our volunteers step up to share their expertise in mentoring, coaching and advice. Many support the progression of other people professionals through our networks and career programmes. Others support the work of our CIPD Trust, tackling the barriers to good work for those who need it most.

Building a sustainable, future-fit organisation

The call for better work and working lives is a challenging one. We know because we invest in the changes we advocate. We do it because it’s right, and because it generates good results for our members, our wider community, our people and our business.

We tune in to the priorities of the different groups we work with – people professionals, our members at all levels, people managers, students, organisations, influencers and policy-makers. We listen. We offer the tools and insights you need, whatever your role. And we reinvest our surplus funds to improve your experience. Our community can access our knowledge hub, wellbeing services, employment law support and legal helplines easily and securely.

We invest in our capabilities, equipping our people and our workplaces with the technology and flexibility they need to do their best work. We invest in our culture, building an inclusive, diverse workforce that learns together. We are committed to becoming a responsible, sustainable, future-fit organisation, demonstrating the lead that our profession can take.


Experts in people, work
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We’re the career partner for 160,000 professionals and the business partner for hundreds of organisations.

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Everything you need to stay ahead

Find all the good practice insights you need through our Learning Hub, resources and guides. Discover our Profession Map – the international standard that equips us as experts in people, work and change. Keep up to date with our news and views. And help us to influence public policy.

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